Welcome to the hospitable world of agro-ecotourism! We invite you to have comfortable rest in a country villa and plunge into real village life!

The farmhouse "In Zarechnaya Street", "Na Zarechnoi ulitse" is a partner of the tourist community 

"Muhowecka kumora",

which offers a wide cultural program: 
• drive on a viking ship, in the style of the Early Middle Ages (12 places)
along the route from the Warrages to the Greeks;
• ceremonial celebrations;
• handicraft and culinary workshops (from 10 to 50 people);
• animation programs in the style of the early medieval age
with the participation of reenactment association; 
• performances by folklore groups.

  The farmhouse "In Zarechnaya Street" is in Brest region, in the village of Peski-1 of Kobrin district

(an isolated farm) and occupies a territory of 1.02 ha on a picturesque riverside of the MukhavetsRiver.

On the farm, a house built in 1903 and a barn have survived.

There is a collection of utensils, clothes and furniture of the early 20th century.

The farm occupies an area of 1.06 ha, has a fruit garden of 0.5 ha, a vegetable garden, berry beds, and flower beds. The animal life is represented by rabbits and hens in aviaries.

  The other house is a new and modern one. The three upper rooms can accommodate 10 to 12 people. The first floor contains a lounge, a dining room, a kitchen, a study, and a bedroom for the owners. The farmhouse receives guests all year round. In summer, it is possible to organize a canteen under a shed for 40 people and a camping on the villa territory.

 The farmhouse "On Zarechnaya Street" is a partner of the tourist community "Muhowecka kumora",

which offers a wide cultural program:

• drive on a viking ship, in the style of the Early Middle Ages (12 places)

• ceremonial celebrations;

• handicraft and culinary workshops (from 10 to 50 people);

• animation programs in the style of the early medieval age

• performances by folklore group

  "Na Zarechnoi ulitse"

"In Zarechnaya street"

Alla Polikarpuk, 8 Zarechnaya Street, village of Peski-1, Kobrin District, Brest Region.

Tel: +37529 793 31 91; +37529 724 78 93.

Bed and Breakfast for rent in a wooden house

§ Garden/park, courtyard, prairie, forest, river, fantastic sunset

§ Kids welcome

§ Setting : Quiet, Picturesque

§ River at <165'

§ Thalasso, Festival, Horse riding, Culture, Fishing

§ Exposure : South-west

   From 1 to 10 people

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8 Zarechnaya Street

Village of Peski-1; Kobrin District; Brest Region; Tel: +37529 793 31 91;

 Ala Polikarpuk. Tel: ( +37529) 793 31 91.e-mail:    

For catering, we use vegetables, fruit, greens, berries and nuts that grow on our farm. We buy dairy products, veal, pork and honey from our neighbour farmers.

Dishes are cooked according to old Belarusian peasant and gentry cuisine of Polesye.

Alla and Sergei Polikarpuk, the hosts of the agro-estate «Na Zarechnoy ulitse», have revived this floating monument of times when rivers were deep-watered, and ships moved solely with the force of wind and sailors hands. In 2015, decided thattraditional Belarusian cusine onli was not enough to lure eco-tourism enthusiasts, and took up the Sleipnir proect. This is how they decided to call the ship. In honor of the eight-legged horse of the Scandinavian god Odin. "The choice of the name was the easiest part", says Sergei. «Our ship has eight oars».

Alla Polikarpuk, the owner of the eco-lodge "Na Zarechnoy Ulitse" will meet guests with incredibly tasty food. Alla has already become famous throughout Belarus for her culinary masterpieces. She can cook a “matchanka” [*sauce with meat] with pancakes, a potato “babka” [*casserole with meat and potato] and bean soup with celery, will offer beet kvass and home-made fruit liqueurs (prepared due to the old recipes), and for the dessert - the famous “kulaga” [*berries, typically a guelder rose with rye flour]. It is not surprising that every year one local culinary festival is organized here. For more local festivals check our calendar: [link]

The lodge is located just right on the picturesque bank of the river Mukhavets. In the past it used to be an old farm, a part of which survived until today. On the territory there is a house built in 1903 with a stove and a fireplace: inside you will also find a rich collection of household utensils, clothes and furniture from the early twentieth century.

Perhaps, you have heard about the way “From Varangians to Greeks” – a water pass from the Baltic to the Black sea. During the early Middle Ages it was used a lot for trade ships. Of course, in that time there were no reclamation, no industrial sewage: that all kept high water in the rivers and allowed cargo ships to move along the way. All river transport was set in motion only by the strength of the wind and people’s hands. But… it is possible to experience today! At this eco-lodge there is a reconstructed Viking Drakkar which brings you along the “Amber Route”. It is a part of the original “From the Varangians to Greeks” way.

Besides, visiting the lodge at the proper time can make you involved in traditional celebrations, such like Kamaedzitsa or Kupala. The first one is connected with meeting spring and saying goodbye to winter, and the second is performed during the summer solstice. Foto: